Pictoconcept is an authorized distributor and reseller of photographic equipment, based in Lebanon & MENA serving the dynamic needs of photographers and photography enthusiasts in the region. Among the brands we represent: Epson LFP, Nikon, and Permajet. Our professional photographic studio, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems, offers a hands-on experience for customers to test and explore cameras and lenses. Additionally, we provide rental services for our studio, cameras, and premium lighting equipment.

Founded by individuals with over 35 years of collective experience in the photographic industry, Pictoconcept is driven by a profound passion for the art and technology that define our field. We understand the importance of quality tools in photographic endeavors, and we are committed to facilitating your photographic journey by delivering not only equipment but also comprehensive support and expertise.

  • Pierre Sabbagh

    Pierre Sabbagh brings over three decades of invaluable expertise to the photographic industry. With a distinguished career managing a leading distribution company, he has established himself as a reference in the field.
    Presently, as co-owner and manager of Pictoconcept in Lebanon and UAE, he oversees the distribution of prestigious brands such as Nikon and Epson.

    Notably, Sabbagh has also made significant contributions as a war photojournalist during the 1980s and has imparted his knowledge through teaching at multiple universities in Lebanon.
    Even amidst his professional commitments, he remains dedicated to nurturing his passion for photography in his leisure time.

  • Imad ElKhoury

    Imad el Khoury, born in 1975, discovered his passion for photography at a young age, assisting his uncle with wedding portraits. He earned a 4-year photography diploma from Université St. Esprit after high school. Imad excelled in advertising, architecture, and fashion photography, collaborating with top agencies and production houses. He was a pioneer in Lebanon, being the first to adopt professional digital cameras, and became a sought-after speaker on digital photography issues.