Nikon Z 9 Firmware Update 5.00

Nikon Z 9 Firmware Update 5.00

Game-changing new upgrades for your photography and videography. Improved Auto Capture. Greater control for your workflow.


New Features.

Introducing the Z 9 Firmware Update v.5.0, allows for more remote support for advanced sports photography. Packed with features including enhanced auto-capture, new reserve function, high frequency flicker reduction, high speed frame capture and new features to perfect your portraitures, the new Z 9 Firmware Update v.5.0 brings a new level of creative control. Also enables faster, more efficient workflows for professionals.


Auto Capture
Now Optimised for Next-Level Action.

Elevate your sports photography and videography with the enhanced Auto Capture. The new reserve function lets you set shooting times in advance, saving battery during setups. Manual focus1 is now even easier, directly selectable on the camera itself. Plus, enjoy increased flexibility with [C15] and [C60] modes, enabling you to capture moments at your preferred burst rates.


Farewell Flicker.

Say goodbye to flicker headaches. New presets tailored to handle commonly encountered sources like LED signboards are now available2. Adjusting values is simple – simply hold down the [High frequency flicker reduction] button. No more manual hunting for the perfect shutter speed, letting you capture your best moments without the distraction of flickering lights.


Perfect Your Portraits.

Rich Tone Portrait is now supported. It brings out radiant skin textures, capturing richer tones and intricate details—perfect for straight-out-of-camera shots at weddings or in the studio. Ideal as a base for retouching, this feature, combined with Portrait Impression Balance, Skin Softening, and NIKKOR Z lenses such as NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S, NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S or NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena, create stunning results.


More 5.0 Firmware

Unlock Additional Updates Now.

  •  Separation of photo and video shooting menu
  •  Improved operation with [Recall shooting functions (hold)]
  •  Customising display of retouch menu’s options
  •  Improved display of ATOMOS UltraSync BLUE timecode
  •  Improvements related to FTP upload
  •  Improved FTP uploads and connection settings
  •  Support for Profoto A10 to be used as an AF-assist illuminator4
  •  Auto Capture shooting on standby with yellow frame display on live view screen


Other Added Enhancements. 

  •  Width adjustment for focus point border
  •  Exit zoom with a half-press release during manual focusing
  •  Auto image rotation for stills
  •  Improved series playback for stills with additional settings
  •  Improved video playback
  •  Bluetooth connection between ATOMOS UltraSync BLUE and the MC-N10 Remote Grip
  •  Expanded custom control functions
  •  Face priority focus point option during playback


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